RoomSmart loves working with the Parisot Company, a French fine furniture manufacturer for over 80 years! They are committed to creating beautiful and practical furniture solutions that have built-in storage and space-saving features. They can be mixed and matched in living and dining spaces to create the perfect look that you need! Parisot Company is eco-friendly, and has been awarded Green Way accreditation too! The Wendy Collection has a buffet, dining table, dishes cabinet, and a TV table. This is a perfect combination for great rooms, studios, lofts, apartments and mobile homes that have smaller or multi-functional areas. Each piece has been designed to give maximum storage within the floor space used by the piece of furniture. For example, the TV table has open shelves to store internet and game equipment, and closed cabinets for the stuff you don’t want to see! Take a look, and see what furniture combinations you can create for your home décor with the Wendy collection!
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Wendy Dishes Cabinet

HIGH QUALITY: Strong high-grade particle board won’t bend or bow from heavy objects and is covered by durable Dakota oak structured foil finish veneer that is resistant to stains, scratches and water damage.CONTEMPORARY STYLE: Sleek, modern cabinet style, with staggered open shelves and cabinets, a..