Warranty and Safety

Furniture must not only be appealing to the eye - it should also be functional and long lasting. RoomSmart sets high standards for ourselves and partners. We use first rate materials for longevity and durability. We take our commitment to quality further by insisting on obtaining certifications from safety and quality authorities of Europe. Wood materials are sustainably sourced from eco-friendly managed forests. Utilization of low or zero emission finishes assist with scratch resistance and color retention. Hinges and drawer glides are submitted and tested for durability and ease of use.

Our furniture and accessories have a one year factory warranty against manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects include misdrilled holes, improper panel size, inoperative glides and/or hinges. The warranty does not cover breakage, deformation, discoloration, water damage, wear and tear due to improper use, transportation, exposure and/or cleaning. Spare parts may be available by request, please email info@roomsmart.com or call 1 (877) 480-3686.

Parisot has a dedicated laboratory for testing it's own furniture before it enters the market and to ensure its products may be used in complete safety. Fatigue tests are done on all functional hardware in and on the furniture: 

• 50,000 open/close cycles for runner systems on drawers, doors and door hinges.
• Tearing tests on assembly hardware
• Impact tests on glass, etc.

- Products comply with safety requirements in order to avoid risks of cutting, pinching or shearing during use: NF-EN 1725, 12521, 14749, 747-1&2.

- Stability tests are carried out in order to avoid tipping during use: NF-EN1022, 1730, 14749, 747-1&2.

- Durability tests are carried out in order to check that the furniture retains its functionality by applying static and dynamic loads or fatigue cycles to fitted furniture.

- This process of testing until failure guarantees a durable product that meets your requirements when in use. This test centre is regularly inspected by the FCBA (Forêt Cellulose Bois-Construction Ameublement).

- Products produced at Parisot Corbenay are E1/2 compliant, certified by the FCBA who is certified by CARB (California Air Resource Board).