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Sitty Stool

HEIGHT PROPORTIONATE: Designed for the height of any of our dressing tables, the Sitty Stool is the perfect choice for applying makeup and doing hair!DRAMATIC COLOR COMBO: The black frame and white seat create a dramatic contrast, and can be coordinated with almost any other color room interior and..


UpOn Spider Fix

The delicacy of the spider web meets the strength of polycarbonate in this intricately patterned bar stool. The revolutionary gas-mold process allows for the creation of furniture that is strong, crystal clear, lightweight, and with design elements that were not possible to achieve before!  The..


UpOn Spider Gas

Barstools have never looked better than this UpOn Spider Gas design. The lacy web design in the chair creates a dramatic focal point at your pub table, restaurant/bar, or home entertainment area. These chairs come in Clear Crystal, Solid Glossy White or Solid Glossy Black color choices. With these c..