RoomSmart’s Smoozy Collection, by Parisot of France, is designed to grow with your child from toddler through teen years! It is designed in White Pine veneer finish with bright pink or navy blue accented edges. The modern, eclectic style is clean and bright, and is the perfect background for your child’s changing bedroom themes and favorite colors as the years go by! Each piece is built to last, made from top-grade MDF boards, and put together with heavy-duty steel hardware, so you can depend on its durability and sturdy design. There are ingenious storage solutions in every piece in the collection! The Smoozy collection includes a twin-sized bed, a night table, a Midsleeper bed, a High Sleeper bed, a wardrobe cabinet, 3-drawer chest, and a desk…you decide what pieces create the perfect space for your child!
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Smoozy 2 Door Wardrobe

ECLECTIC STYLE: The white pine color and simple lines of this wardrobe easily coordinate with most décor styles and color schemes, and adapts to the changing favorites of kids as they grow!BRIGHT ACCENT TRIM:  A rotating accent bar changes from navy blue to bright pink, so you can add a pop of..


Smoozy 3 Drawer Dresser

TIMELESS STYLE: The soft white pine and simple lines coordinate with home décor styles from Colonial to ultra-modern, and kids from toddler through teenage years can blend with their changing color favorites and bedroom themes!STURDY AND STRONG:  The dresser is made from top-grade MDF boards, ..


Smoozy Bed with 2 Drawers

TWIN SIZE CAPTAIN BED: In the compact space of a twin bed, this captain’s bed style has storage shelves and drawers built in underneath the paneled bed platform.BUILT TO LAST  The Smoozy bed is made from top-grade, eco-friendly MDF boards, and is put together with heavy-duty steel hardware, pr..


Smoozy Desk

STREAMLINED DESIGN: Simple lines and soft white color create a desk that is perfect for students of all ages, with a large desktop surface for homework, projects and games!DURABLE VENEER FINISH: The white pine woodgrain veneer finish is beautiful and strong, resisting scratches, dents, stains, wate..


Smoozy High Sleeper (Mattress included)

LOFT BED STYLE: The bed is raised to the height of an upper bunk, with storage and workspace beneath, all in the space of a twin-sized bed!BUILT TO LAST: The High Sleeper is made from premium, eco-friendly MDF boards, and is put together with heavy-duty steel hardware, providing stability and durab..


Smoozy Midsleeper Bed

MIDSLEEPER STYLE: The Midsleeper style is a panel bed that is raised between a lower and upper bunk’s height, providing room underneath for storage!STURDY AND DURABLE: The bed is made from durable, eco-friendly MDF boards, and is joined with heavy-duty steel hardware, providing stability and comfor..


Smoozy Night Table

TWIN BED HEIGHT: The night table is designed to be at the perfect height next to the Smoozy twin bed, for adding a lamp, glass of water, or favorite bedtime story.ECLECTIC STYLE: The white pine woodgrain veneer and rotating blue and pink accent color band, allow the furniture to stay in style throu..