Parisot of France: Innovative Eco-Friendly Manufacturing at Its Best!

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Today, in everything from recycling our cans, bottles, and paper to the energy-efficiency ratings of the cars we drive, we are constantly being reminded that we have to do our part in reducing pollution and waste to keep our planet healthy! Manufacturers have been notoriously responsible for creating environmental pollution, destroying forests, wildlife habitats, and wreaking havoc on the air we breathe. The good news is that, in this new age of information and awareness, many manufacturers are becoming ecologically-conscious, and are looking at concepts that matter, like:

  • How do we reduce our footprint and prevent adding to the pollution problem?
  • How do we manufacture with energy efficiency as a priority?
  • What can we substitute in our products that is better for our environment?
  • How do we reduce waste and pollutants, and recycle effectively?


Parisot of France has been manufacturing furniture since 1936, when Jacque Parisot graduated from the Ecole de Boulle and, with the help of a dozen people, created a furniture company that combines the quality and beauty of traditional furniture manufacturing with the newest techniques of production. His creativity and vision are still the spirit that propels the company forward today!  


Through the years, as Parisot of France has evolved and grown, their commitment to excellence has come to include a deep commitment to protect the environment for today and for future generations. In 1969, the invention of particleboard provided a new way to produce furniture that would use less wood, yet be structurally as strong and sturdy as hardwood. Parisot designs were updated and revamped to include particleboard construction, providing a whole new vista of color and woodgrain finished veneers. Not only did these color and style options add variety to home decor, they also considerably reduced the impact on forests for obtaining new wood sources! With Jacque Parisot’s signature visionary spirit, Parisot began to include environmental impact in all their phases of production, from design to delivery to their customers, and even to recycling furniture after it has served its purpose!


Parisot of France has been awarded the Green Way accreditation for their efforts in ecologically-conscious manufacturing.  Their commitment to the environment, as well as the Green Way guarantee, means that when you purchase a piece of furniture made by Parisot company, you can expect that an abundance of care and consideration has gone into the following:

  • Reducing the impact of their manufacturing sites on the surrounding community and on the surrounding natural environment.
  • Reducing energy consumption in all aspects of manufacturing, including using wood shavings as a heat source for all manufacturing sites.
  • Using recycled wood as much as possible to reduce new wood-sourcing.
  • Using only PEFC certified wood sources, which have protocols that protect water, soil, climate and biodiversity of the eco-managed forests.
  • Manufacturing with the lowest emissions of formaldehyde and solvents, with percentages far lower than certified acceptable levels, providing their customers with safe air quality in the home.
  • Maximizing recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic film, and polystyrene
  • Providing collection centers for disposal of packaging and end-of-life furniture, locations available on the website at:


Parisot of France is a company that has succeeded in reducing the environmental impact of what they manufacture and sell on the market worldwide! And that, combined with exceptional design and quality, as well as inventive storage solutions and space-saving styles, is why we sell Parisot furniture! 

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