Plastic Chairs

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UpOn B Side (Set of 2)

The UpOn B Side Chair is the perfect choice for an eclectic look in any home décor. They’re made in Italy, in a modern contemporary style that is durable, sturdy, and scratch-resistant…and they’re beautiful! The contoured back and seat, and the curved lines of the chair offer comfortable seating and..


UpOn Femme Fatale (Set of 2)

Like a true femme fatale, our UpOn Femme Fatale side chair has curves in all the right places! The back and seat contour to fit for luxurious comfort, and the chair looks and feels liquid-y smooth and sleek. This is a chair that will take center stage in your dining room or anywhere you just have to..


UpOn Lollipop Slide (Set of 2)

The UpOn Lollipop Slide Chair gets its name from the easy sliding, runner style, steel-rod chromed base. This chair is designed for beauty, comfort and ease of movement. It comes in Crystal Clear or Solid Glossy Black color choices, and will enhance your dining area, restaurant or café business, or ..


UpOn Groove Slide (Set of 4)

The UpOn Groove Slide side chair is very groovy indeed! The lacy-patterned chair is made from polycarbonate, molded in a new process that allows for the intricacy of detail, resulting in chair art forms that set the style of your dining room, restaurant seating, or outdoor café.  This design co..


UpOn Calima Mite (Set of 2)

Abstract lines wave along this distinctive chair surface.  The chair is set on round chromed steel legs that give it a contemporary style.This transparent chair will be compatible with any table type, from hardwood top glass, wicker or ceramic tile. It is neutral toned to work with any color-sc..


UpOn Calima Slide (Set of 2)

The softly waving pattern of the UpOn Calima Slide chair adds a unique, contemporary element to your dining area, kitchen nook, bistro café or restaurant. Even a simple wood or glass table will suddenly take on new elegance with these transparent chairs.They are made from crystal clear polycarbonate..


UpOn Groove Mite (Set of 2)

A complex lacy pattern weaves across the Groove Mite side chair that is reminiscent of vintage wrought iron work crafted by artisan metalworkers in days gone by. Now, with breakthrough gas-molded polycarbonate technology, we can create complex artistic patterns in modern, contemporary materials. Thi..


UpOn Lollipop Mite (Set of 2)

Our Lollipop Mite chairs are designed with a smooth, contoured bucket seat that’s made for comfort and back support. The legs are chromed steel, designed for strength and supporting adult weights, with a durable, solid glossy polycarbonate chair that is resistant to scratching or fading, is waterpro..


UpOn Gruvyer PP (Set of 2)

Get the same wonderful pattern as our clear, polycarbonate Gruvyer chair in this polypropylene version that allows us to offer brilliant shades of color for your décor! Your designer-chic chairs will be the focal point of your dining area, outdoor entertaining area, restaurant or café! They are avai..


UpOn Gruvyer PC (Set of 2)

The UpOn Gruvyer side chair gives the effect of a net or web pattern that will make your dining area dramatic and eye-catching when friends and family gather. They are made from a new technique that gas-molds clear polycarbonate into unusual shapes and patterns that couldn’t be created before now in..


UpOn Groove C Legs (Set of 4)

The UpOn Groove C Legs chair combines beautiful vintage artistry with modern, contemporary function. The chair is made in a breakthrough process that gas-molds polycarbonate into virtually any shape with any detail! The resulting product is extremely strong, lightweight, and beautiful! This style i..


UpOn Little Rock (Set of 2)

The UpOn Little Rock side chair is the perfect choice for everything from home dining to restaurant or bistro café seating, and can even be kept outdoors! They come in crystal clear and light smoked gray, and have a modern eclectic look that fits in any color-scheme and in any themed space.  Up..


UpOn Hypnotic (Set of 2)

UpOn Hypnotic is mesmerizing in its beauty.  It’s made from transparent polycarbonate, and formed into a beautiful quilted pattern, and designed with carved legs and contour-molded back and seat for extra comfort. It comes in crystal clear and translucent light smoked gray, so it will go with a..


UpOn Dune (Set of 2)

The design in this beautiful Italian-made UpOn Dune side chair is reminiscent of the effect of wind over sand dunes in the Sahara desert, and will add a flowing abstract detail to your home décor.  Paired with a solid wood or glass table, you will have the basics for creating the perfect design..


UpOn Gruvyer Armchair PP (Set of 2)

Get the same wonderful pattern as Grandsoleil's clear, polycarbonate Gruvyer Armchair in this polypropylene version that allows us to offer brilliant shades of color for your décor! Your designer-chic chairs will be the focal point of your dining area, outdoor entertaining area, restaurant or café! ..