A France-based company, in business for over 80 years, who manufactures Parisot and Arte-Mob home furnishings, and has been recognized by top European design agencies for kitchen and bathroom furniture. They have been awarded Green Way accreditation for eco-conscious manufacturing, processing with low solvent emissions, and recycling practices. Their innovative small space designs provide consumers with the best quality at affordable prices, multifunctional and organized storage options, and maximized living space for today’s smaller homes, apartments, and condos.
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Breda Open Wardrobe

WHITE LAMINATE FINISH: The Breda Open Wardrobe comes in a contemporary solid White color, and resists scratches, stains, and yellowing from UV2 HANGRAILS:  One side of the wardrobe has a full-length hang rail, and the other side features a ½ length hang rail, providing space for long dresses, ..


Craft Coffee Table

CONTEMPORARY STYLE: The low table height of 15.7”, the neutral color palette, as well as the rectangular shape and lower shelf, give a contemporary look that blends with most decor stylesTWO-TONE COLOR:  A combination of light gray-beige Acacia woodgrain finish, with natural woodgrain tabletop..


Dana 2 Bathroom Cabinet

3 COLOR OPTIONS: The cabinet is available in your choice of 3 color options: solid White, Shiny Blue Water, or Shiny TaupeTOP-GRADE CONSTRUCTION:  Built from top quality MDF boards, and joined together with heavy-duty steel hardware, your cabinet will retain its beauty and durability for years..


Dana 2 Tower Cabinet

3 COLOR OPTIONS: Select the color that best suits your personal style, choosing from solid White, Shiny Blue Water, and Shiny Taupe3 STORAGE SHELVES:  Three inner shelves are each 13.8” deep and 11.8” wide, providing room for towels and bathroom supplies to be organized and easilyBUILT TO LAST..


Easy Shoes Module Bench with Shelves

CONTEMPORARY STYLE: Streamlined design and neutral color are on-trend for today’s designer homes, with function that meets the needs of today’s familiesCOMPACT SIZE:  The Easy shoes module bench is just 34.8” W x 13.3” D, yet holds several pair of shoes and boots to organize a closet or mud ro..


Easy Shoes Module with 1 Drawer Shelves and Compartments

STURDY CONSTRUCTION: The 20.9” x 13.3” module is made from top-grade MDF boards, and is put together with heavy-duty steel hardware, providing a sturdy and durable unit that will withstand weight of items storedTWO TONE FINISH:  This module comes in a two-tone Dakota Oak woodgrain and White fi..


Easy Shoes Module With Rotating Storage

CONTEMPORARY WOODGRAIN FINISH: This module is designed with simple lines and neutral Dakota Oak woodgrain finish, on-trend for today’s colors and home interior design stylesSWIVEL DOOR:  The cabinet door swivels open to reveal shelves attached to the door interior, making access easy to store ..


Edison Dishes Cabinet

ASYMMETRICAL DESIGN: The dishes cabinet is designed with asymmetrical shelves of varying sizes to best display your dishes in styleTWO-TONE COLOR:  Brooklyn Oak and Burnt Pine woodgrain veneers create a neutral combination that will coordinate with almost any home interior style and color sche..


Edison Floor Shelf

SET OF 2 SHELVES: Two interlocking L-shaped shelves can be displayed separately or joined, adding contemporary style, storage solutions, and versatile configuration in your spaceRETRO LIGHT BULB:  A hanging old-fashioned light bulb adds vintage appeal to the interior of one shelf, providing bo..


Family Bunk Twin Over Twin Bed (2 mattresses included)

TWIN OVER TWIN BUNKS: Two beds in the space of one provide an extra sleepover bed for your child, or beds for two children sharing a room!WOODGRAIN VENEER: Brooklyn Oak and White veneer finishes add a natural look, and protect against scratches, stains, and fading from UV rays.STENCILLED LETTERING ..


Flexi Open Wardrobe

CONTEMPORARY STYLE: The wardrobe is designed with on-trend color palette, streamlined style, and versatile use freestanding in any room, or in a closet measuring greater than 79.9” H x 70.9” W x 22.8” DTWO-TONE COLOR:  The Flexi wardrobe is available in a combination of beige-gray Dakota oak w..


Forum Dining Table

STREAMLINED STYLE: A sleek rectangular tabletop rests on an inset base, in a neutral color that adds an elegant contemporary look that coordinates with most home decor stylesNEUTRAL COLOR:  Solid Concrete veneer finish is a neutral light gray that is on-trend for today’s designer colors and wi..


Harlem 4 Drawer Chest

CONTEMPORARY ECLECTIC STYLE: With a unique design featuring long upper and lower drawer and two short drawers between with open shelves beside them for display, this chest adds a dramatic accent to any roomOPEN SHELVES:  Two open shelves, in solid Black, create a dramatic display area for make..


Infinity Coffee Table

ECLECTIC DESIGN: The Infinity Coffee Table has sleek, streamlined design, and neutral color options that will blend with your decor style and color scheme3 COLOR OPTIONS:  The coffee table is available in three color options. Select your favorite from White, Light Acacia woodgrain, or dark Cof..


Karan Dining Table with Extensions

CONTEMPORARY STYLE: Beautiful neutral woodgrain color combines with a 36” square table with corner-mounted legs, creating a contemporary look that will coordinate with most decor stylesBUILT TO LAST:  The table is made of top-grade MDF boards, and is put together with heavy-duty steel hardware..


Kubikub 4-Cube Unit

VERSATILE UNIT: The 4-cube unit can be used alone, or in conjunction with one or more of the other Kubikub Collection pieces to create a custom wall for display or storage space in any roomBUILT TO LAST: The unit is made from top-grade MDF boards and heavy-duty steel hardware, ensuring shelves won’..