The RoomSmart’s Keyfex collection has combined the traditional look of walnut veneer with very untraditional and intriguing geometric patterns and abstract design used in their dining table and coffee tables. These are the pieces that make you say “Wow”! when you see them. From a glass-topped whirlpool inset into one circle of a three-circled coffee table top to another coffee table that divides into six segments for entertaining, you will see both stunning beauty and clever function combined in an eclectic piece that will be the focal point of any living space! The use of creating variant shades of walnut veneer adds another element to the design, making even the most basic table shape pop with interesting dimension and pattern! Whether you’re entertaining family, friends or business guests, everyone is sure to be gathered around either your dining table or your coffee table for appetizers and meals, and these are visual focal points in your home that send a silent and positive message that you’re innovative and sophisticated, and unafraid to be different! Enjoy taking a look at the wonderfully unique styles of the Keyfex Collection!
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Erato Modern Walnut Dining Table With Extension

VINTAGE DESIGN: SReminiscent of the 1950’s Danish Modern period, with streamlined legs and simple lines.TWO-TONED FINISH: Polished white MDF on sides and underside of the tabletop, with multi-hued walnut veneer top create modern visual interest. Legs are solid beech wood!ECLECTIC STYLE: This table i..


Flora Walnut Dining Table With Extension

SLEEK PEDESTAL DESIGN: Geometric abstract designed pedestal style is comfortable for foot room in seating guests, and is architecturally stunning. MULTI-HUED WALNUT VENEER: Veneer finish gives the appearance of walnut that has been stained in many shades of brown, adding dimension and unique visual ..


Babylon Dining Table

CONTEMPORARY STYLE: Eclectic walnut veneered table has sleek, streamlined appearance that blends with most home décor styles.TOP GRADE CONSTRUCTION:  Premium MDF boards, with heavy-duty hardware provides a table that is durable and sturdy to use, and will be beautiful for years with normal wea..


Buldozer Coffee Table 2 in 1 Set

DURABLE DESIGN: Made from top-grade MDF boards, with a lacquer finish, these tables resist stains, water ring damage, and are built to last.NATURAL DESIGN:  Shaped like a wood slice from a tree, the table tops have age rings, and an uneven edge that adds a natural look to your room.CONTRASTING..


Button Coffee Table Big

UNIQUE DESIGN: Top surface features 2 two-sized concave round “buttons” that accentuate the round look of the table, and add interest to your décor.DURABLE FINISH:  Lacquered finish adds shiny luster to the coffee table, and is resistant to scratches, stains and water ring damage.TOP-GRADE CON..


Erato Stable Dining Table

MID-2OTH CENTURY VINTAGE STYLE: Slim, tapered table legs and two-tone color are reminiscent of popular 1950’s styles that are a recurring fashion favorite today!TWO-TONE TABLE TOP:  Walnut veneer top with contrasting white laminate band around the side creates a fresh look for your kitchen or ..