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4K TV Wall Unit

ULTRA-CHIC CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: Combining function and flair, this wall unit looks like wall ART! Asymmetrical placement of cabinets and shelves provide the backdrop for your imagination and décor style!BUILT TO LAST:  This sturdy wall unit is made from top-grade particleboard, and is joined w..


BCN-1 TV Wall Unit

DURABLE & SOLID: Built to last from top-quality particleboard, this wall unit is joined with heavy-duty fittings and hardware, and can take the weight of what you put on it, including a TV!PREMIUM FINISH:  The durable melamine finish looks and feels like natural wood, and is easy to clean,..


BCN-2 TV Wall Unit

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Top-grade particleboard and heavy-duty steel hardware make this wall unit sturdy, and able to support the weight of a heavy TV, books and home décor items.NATURAL WOOD FEEL:  The premium melamine finish looks and feels like natural wood. It’s easy to clean and resists scr..


BO3 Wall Desk

ULTRA-MODERN STYLE: Sleek lines and on-trend color palette provide a furniture style that blends with most home décor styles and color schemes.SPACE-SAVING DESIGN:  This wall-mounted unit stand out from the wall just 10.6”, uses almost no floor space, and provides a spacious desk top that fold..


Cosmit TV Wall Unit

ASYMMETRICAL DESIGN: Cabinetry design features asymmetrical cabinet, shelves and cubbies, providing many opportunities for unique decorating with photos, books, plants, and collectibles.TWO-TONE COLOR PALETTE:  Light Ash Wood and solid White combine to create a neutral, elegant color palette t..


Cube TV Wall Unit

A2-TONE FINISH: On-trend Bardolino Oak woodgrain color combines with solid White, providing a neutral color palette that coordinates well with most contemporary color schemes.STURDY MANUFACTURE:  The Cube TV wall unit is made from top-quality particleboard, and is put together with heavy-duty ..


Isola Sideboard with 3 Doors and 3 Drawers

SLEEK SOPHISTICATED STYLE: Streamlined design and on-trend neutral color palette coordinate with other furniture and décor, as well as with almost any color scheme in your dining or living area.BUILT TO LAST:  The Isola sideboard is built strong and sturdy, to hold your fine china, collectible..


Isola TV Wall Unit

CONTEMPORARY STYLE: Sleek color and streamlined style, with plenty of storage solutions provide the perfect contemporary entertainment area for today’s homes!2-TONE FINISH:  Gray Bardolino Oak woodgrain finish combines with Graphit lacquered melamine, creating a sophisticated color palette tha..


Isola TV Wall Unit 2

ASYMMETRICAL DESIGN: The upper section of the wall unit staggers woodgrain and solid-finished cabinets, creating a unique, modern asymmetrical pattern.SOLID CONSTRUCTION:  The TV wall unit must be strong, and the Isola wall unit is designed from top-grade particleboard, joined with heavy-duty ..


Isola TV Wall Unit Oak / Gray

UNIQUE ECLECTIC DESIGN: Staggered vertical and horizontal cabinets on the upper section are designed in two-tone neutral colors that create wall art to coordinate with home décor and entertainment area items!TWO-TONE NEUTRAL COLOR:  Soft Bardolino Oak gray-beige woodgrain combines with gleamin..


Isola TV Wall Unit Wenge / White

ULTRA-CHIC DESIGN: Two-tone cabinets are situated above the TV area, with a long, sleek cabinet below. The dramatic coloring, cabinet layout, and lacquer gloss creates an artistic display wall as well as a functional unit!ROOMY STORAGE OPTIONS:  Upper cabinets have shelves for storing entertai..


Ito Sideboard / TV Unit

DRAMATIC 2-TONE COLOR: The combination of white and dark Basalt accent color creates a neutral finish that blends with many home décor styles, and can be used with almost any color and pattern in home décor!BUILT STURDY & LONG-LASTING:  The sideboard is manufactured from top-grade particle..


Memphis TV Wall Unit

ECLECTIC STYLE: The simplicity of color and design makes this TV wall unit perfect for blending with your home décor, with timeless style that will never be out of date!TWO-TONE COLOR: The TV wall unit combines White with Oak woodgrain veneer finishes, a natural organic loo..


Otawa Sideboard / TV Unit

VERSATILE DESIGN: The 6’ sideboard can be used as a buffet or bar in the dining room, or as a TV unit in the entertainment or living room!DRAMATIC TWO-TONE COLOR: Dark Avola woodgrain and White create a dramatic contrast that makes your sideboard a focal point in any room! STURDY & DURABLE..


Otawa TV Wall Unit

FLEXIBLE UPPER UNIT: The upper unit can be installed at any height, to customize your entertainment wall to fit your TV sizeTWO-TONE COLOR: The wall unit is a combination of dark Avola woodgrain and solid White, providing a contrast that adds dramatic pop to your entertainment area! BUILT STUR..


Roma TV Wall Unit

DRAMATIC BLACK & WHITE: White woodgrain combines with dramatic black high-gloss lacquer accent cabinets, creating a unique, yet neutral palette that pairs with almost any décor color scheme.SOLID UNIT:  The wall unit is built tough, made from durable particleboard, and joined with heavy-du..