How to recycle

How to recycle ?

TRIMAN LOGO: a new product recycling logo
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From the 1st January 2015, a new logo concerning recycling has appeared on packaging or directly on products. This logo (known as TRIMAN) was defined at the Grenelle Environmental Forum is a visual symbol clearly to identify products that can be recycled and are to be collected separately after use.

How do I know if my Parisot piece of furniture is recyclable?

Our furniture is fully recyclable at end of life. Furniture items can be disposed of:
- through second-hand sales organisations if they are still in good condition,
- directly through collection points.
Packing cases in plastic, cardboard, metal, glass and paper can also be disposed of at collection points.
To find out about the collection points near to your home and about good sorting practice, go on line to consult the new Eco-Packaging sorting guide, as follows:


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The Green Point exists throughout Europe. It can be found on the majority of sold products. This logo does not mean that the packaging is recyclable, but only that the company who manufactured the product has made a contribution to an eco-organisation such as Eco-Packaging so as to finance household packaging recycling programmes.

Parisot is adhering to this programme and so is participating in funding housing packaging recycling in partnership with Eco-Packaging.
This is why you will find this logo on all the packaging of our furniture pieces.

To find out more: