Wall Sheves

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Lumi Wall Shelf

LONG DISPLAY AREA: Add an artistic touch to any wall with this 63” display shelf for books, photos, art, collectibles, and more!HEAVY-DUTY MATERIALS:  The Lumi wall shelf is made from top-grade particleboard, and finished with a durable veneer that resists scratches, stains, and fading from UV..


Luneo Wall Shelf

Built to Last: Manufactured from top grade particleboard, the Luneo wall shelf won’t sag or break under the weight of your treasures and collectibles! Foil finish veneer protects the shelves from scratches, stains and spots.Contemporary Style: The Luneo collection is eclectic, and blends with many ..


Magnus Long Wall Shelf

STRONG SHELF: The wall shelf is made from top-grade particleboard, and is joined with heavy-duty steel hardware, so it will provide support for your decorative items without bowing or splittingTWO-TONE COLOR:  An Oak Dark Pine backboard mount with Grey Sand shelf provides visual contrast for t..


Magnus Short Wall Shelf

CREATES DISPLAY WALL: Create an artistic display wall, arranging the shelf with your favorite photos, books, collectibles and plants!HEAVY-DUTY MATERIALS:  The wall shelf is made from top-quality particleboard, joined with heavy-duty steel hardware, and will provide support for your favorite t..


Mila Wall Shelf

TWO-TONE COLOR: Designed in white and pastel lilac, the shelf reflects the color palette of the other Mila furniture, and coordinates with most colors and room themes young girls love!CLOUD EFFECT BACKBOARD: A lilac cloud-shaped backboard echoes the pattern found in many other Mila collection piece..


Warren Oak Wall Shelf

QUALITY: Manufactured from top-quality particle board core with foil-finish veneer. Resists water, stains and scratches.COLOR: Available in both the light-toned Sesame oak and the gray-toned Silex oak foil finishes.STYLE: Modern contemporary, eclectic style pairs with most home décor designs.EASY I..