The RoomSmart Aligo collection is a fun trip to the 50’s with its curved cupboard doors, interspersed with open shelving. There are extra panels for the cupboard doors included with each piece, so you can change the doors from white to black, yellow or red…or a mixed combination of any of the colors! This collection is quirky, with beech wood legs on the furniture pieces, and each piece on its own will definitely be an eye-catching focal point in your home décor. There’s no limit to the possibilities for using the Aligo pieces! Use a small cupboard in a bathroom or child’s bedroom for toys. Use the large cupboard in the kitchen for a unique pantry. Set a cupboard in your entry way with baskets to keep mittens, hats, scarves, and school papers organized! Use the entire collection in your great room or family room to create a casual, distinctive living space, and organize and store games, video game equipment and controllers, and more! Let your imagination soar, and see the decorating possibilities in your home for the Aligo collection!

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