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RoomSmart is a dedicated importer of European home furnishings. Our company excels at delivering beautiful, functional European made furniture for the living room, bedroom, bathroom and more! Based in Miami FL we are a family owned group of professionals that dedicate our time and passion into procuring the best possible product for your home. We are constantly seeking the newest looks, styles and comforts in our pursuit of home furnishing. We keep our inventory fresh, our staff friendly and value our customers. We offer a diverse group of furniture lines for your pleasure sourced from France, Italy and other parts of Europe. RoomSmart has aesthetic, creative, space saving furniture and storage options that allow you to maximize your space with class. Our offerings include furniture for the smallest of places to the largest- we have stunning furniture for every room and patio. Consider the durable Multimo Wall beds that hold a bed and support ever-level tables, desks and cabinetry. There is also phenomenal, eye catching seating from Italian UPON and subtle yet elegant Italian seating from ReSpace. There is so much more to see and choose from. Finally, the best in contemporary European furniture is available in the US! Consider this your invitation to browse our website and if you have any questions please email info@roomsmart.com or call 1 (877) 480-3686.

Our Partners Include:


Founded just over 80 years ago Parisot is a top French furniture manufacturer with a tradition of environmental sustainability and quality production. The designers work around the clock to bring contemporary and relevant furniture to life in its facilities which churn out more than 3 million products a year. What started as a local French furniture shop has expanded into an international player with more than 1,100 employees and products for sale in 70 countries. Parisot pursues sustainable, environmentally sound growth sourcing raw material from eco-managed, renewable forests. Parisot further takes the utmost care to utilize low emission solvents and high grade finishes to apply vibrant finishes and color. To guarantee longevity Parisot employs lab grade strenuous fatigue tests on components- including more than 50,000 open and close cycles on hinges! Parisot provides fine functional furniture for the home that is produced with strong environmental ethics in mind.

Parisot has always led the way in reducing levels of formaldehyde emission from boards. We had already attained E1 for our manufacture by 1996, whereas all our colleagues (excepting German companies) were still at E2. The move to E1 for everyone became obligatory only in 2006..

Since August 2009, all Parisot board output has complied with the E1/2 threshold (also called E½).

Formaldehyde is one component of the glue used to produce particleboards. A small quantity of formaldehyde may be released by the board following its manufacture.

Formaldehyde contents:

E2 boards contained between 8 and 30 mg of formaldehyde per 100 g of board.
• The E1 boards have a content of less than 8 mg.
E1/2 boards have a content of less than 4 mg.
• The Parisot Corbenay - CFP site also has CARB1 and CARB2 certification, issued by the FCBA (Forêt Cellulose Bois-Construction Ameublement),

       itself accredited by a Californian inspection body.

For formaldehyde emissions:

CARB1 boards: emission of less than 0.18 ppm (ASTM 1333 American chamber method).
CARB2 boards: emission of less than 0.09 ppm.

All boards used on the Parisot Site of Saint-Loup and Parisot Site of Mattaincourt, with the exception of some supplies outside the group, are E1/2 or CARB1 as a minimum.

Green Way enables us to guarantee boards and furniture with low emissions.


Made in a cutting edge facility in scenic North Italy, just outside of Milan, Grandsoleil is a leader in the design and manufacture of indoor/outdoor furniture fashioned from custom gas injection molding. Their products are first rate- millions of Euros dedicated to research and engineering produce custom proprietary polypropylene blends formulated to be highly durable, resistant to scratching, discoloration and breakage. UPON chair collection is top quality and has a stylish flair you will not see anywhere else. Producing more than 4 million units annually Grandsoleil is a growing company with quality products.


Bringing joy and awe to children is what it is all about. We know that every child dreams to have a unique room. A room reflecting their own interests and personality- in an effort to meet their expectations, Cilek designs products exclusively for children and teens catering their age groups and divergent interests. Founded more than 20 years ago in the EU Cilek has emerged at the forefront with unmatched understanding of contemporary trends, offering easy to assemble, high quality products for kids and teens. Cilek is a leading worldwide brand with 444 retail locations in 70 countries, including U.S.A., Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Japan, Germany, Iran and UAE. Today Cilek delivers more than 500,000 units each year throughout the world. Cilek products are designed in house with an organic design studio. We take families’ expectations as the starting point, our design team works to captivate by creating furniture and accessories appropriate for a wide variety and range of lifestyles, room sizes and personalities which enrich the imagination and make youth feel at home. Cilek emphasizes taking care of the fine details. Strong consideration is given to safety and durability. This is illustrated by diligent compliance with European standards and certifications including the Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) Certificate of Quality, which is rewarded by the German Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern (LGA) for great longevity and high quality in products. Cilek takes seriously the goal of meeting and exceeding European Union standards for safety and quality material use. Cilek production takes place at an almost 500,000 sq ft facility employing roughly 2,000 trained staff and utilizing state of the art technology to produce safe, fun and luxurious furniture for kids and teens.


Multimo specializes in crafting innovative, space saving, ergonomic murphy wall beds. Manufactured in Europe, utilizing cutting edge, environmentally sound methods and materials Multimo murphy wall beds and bunk beds are precision engineered for daily use and longevity. Designed to a superior standard Multimo murphy wall beds exceed the highest expectations. Aluminum frames, hardwood slats, quadruple gas shock support systems, built in storage, shelving and desks - the features are phenomenal. Finally! Wall beds that feel solid, open and close effortlessly providing bedroom space whenever needed. Efficient, quality designs make for usable and unforgettable pieces. Bringing the best to our customers is simply Multimo tradition. Comprehensive online video instructions make assembly a breeze. Full service delivery and set up is also available. American showroom now open in Miami, Florida. Come, click, or call!


Helvetia is a part of the international furniture holding with its headquarters in Switzerland.
For over twenty years we have specialized in manufacturing of bedroom furniture, including wardrobes, chests of drawers, beds, bedside tables as well as furniture for the living room or furniture sets.Original and modern design combined with the high quality have allowed our furniture to appreciate good reputation not only in Poland, but also in all European countries.
The biggest assets of our company are: its highly qualified, almost 500-persons staff and high-tech technology used in production.